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Welcome to A Franchise Solution’s web site. This site was created to help the business professional decipher all of the information regarding franchises. This site is strictly an informational site; we are NOT a franchise, nor are we trying to sell you a franchise, we are providing you with information so you can decide if a franchise business is the right choice for you.

Today, many business professionals, and entreprenuers are searching for an alternative solution to:

  1. Build a profitable online business, and/or buy a franchise.
  2. Improve the overall standing of their current business.
  3. Portray a professional business image.
  4. Improve productivity, which leads to a better ROI.
  5. Get questions adequately answered about online businesses and franchises.

Solutions to these topics are needed in today's fast paced economy. There are so many online businesses and franchise businesses, of which many are scams. Before a business professional can make a quantifiable decision, there needs to be evidence to backup some of the ambiguous assertions about a particular business.

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, franchising is a method of doing business wherein a "franchisor" authorizes proven methods of doing business to a "franchisee" for a chronic fee and a percentage of sales or profits. According to the “franchisee”, the percentage of sales or profits continues to be paid to the “franchisor” for the term of the relationship between franchisee and franchisor. Is that a particularly fair practice? Is that a fair deal, for the franchisee, considering the amount of money the franchisee paid for the franchise in the first place. IS IT?

If you think it's an unfair practice, don't sweat; there's good news! We have a solution [alternative] to the franchise industry's woes, and what some people think is unfair. The information we are sharing is what afranchisesolution.com has found while searching Google for franchise businesses.

Before we explain the solution, and give you information about a business alternative, here are some important facts about online businesses.

While online businesses are often thought of as less than noteworthy to offline businesses, actually, the two blend together quite nicely.  As a matter of fact, many online professional businesses are flourishing in today's economy, which if you haven't noticed, is changing very rapidly.  Many business professionals are searching for better ways to live their lives without being trapped in your typical nine-to-five job.  This has opened up an entirely new business model which has just recently appeared on the business scene, a franchise alternative for the business professional.

Furthermore, Google, the number one search engine on the Internet, is inundated with many schemes, scams and less than profitable businesses.  How does one differentiate between them?  How does one go about finding a business that is worthy to spend valuable time in promoting?  In the remainder of our franchise solution home page, the attempt will be made to inform you of one of the most effective online businesses to date found on Google.

Our Way of Doing Business

Our business system is for entrepreneurs that want their own business but do not want to spend ALL of there hard earned money. We have a system that combines the best Internet marketing plan and Veretekk, the most powerful marketing system on the Internet. Our alternative business alleviates the need to spend your retirement fund to own your own business. Our system, established by Its Good Business is also promoted by The Home Business Marketing Group, and is what some people have coined as the Ultimate Home Business.

The Its Good Business team is lead by Tom Prendergast, CEO of Inetekk. Tom has been marketing on the Internet before it was even called the Internet. Tom is a self-taught Internet marketing and search engine optimization expert. Our system has been developed by Tom and is currently breaking Internet marketing records. The strategy behind the system that the Home Business Marketing Group promotes is to buy customers which in turn helps one to build a large organization. The Home Business Marketing Group is also against companies that sell leads, another aspect of the team's marketing strategy.

When you consider how simple it is to buy customers, versus buying expensive, often non-productive leads, you begin to see this as a viable way to build a professional business online. Buying customers (people who are already purchasing and consuming the products) makes perfect sense in the world of Internet marketing, not to mention, the lack of customers as being the downfall of most businesses.

The vision that Tom Prendergast had when he developed the marketing plan is producing a valuable and stable business by simply committing to the marketing strategy, and buying customers every month. You see, Tom is one of the most powerful marketing gurus on the Internet today. He has forgotten more about the art and science of building businesses than most people will ever know. He has been utilizing this system of buying customers for over six years, and he literally has gotten to the point that his system is on autopilot. He really does nothing more than buy customers on a monthly basis, and makes a very nice monthly income by doing this. Tom now has the time and energy to pursue marketing, his specialty.

When you consider the level of marketing expertise that is involved in the Home Business Marketing Group, you begin to catch hold of some powerful business information that will lead to success. With the Home Business Marketing Group, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Tom Prendergast has put together one of the most powerful marketing strategies ever seen. You cannot miss this business plan if you are serious about building a wealth creation system on Google the right way.

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a franchise, franchise business, business franchise, or franchise opportunity. Although there are many similarities between our system and a "franchise", it is strictly coincidental, and NOT intented to mislead anyone. Any references, written or implied, to our system being a franchise is strictly an oversight, and will be removed immediately upon notification. Please notify the webmaster of any errors found on this site.